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About Reformation Platform

REFORMATION PLATFORM is an international non-denominational, non-governmental Christian Organisation charged with the responsibility of EDIFYING the Church and EVANGELISING the world.


Raising disciples for Jesus with the sole aim of training millions of Christians worldwide in exclusive Biblical training in Leadership regardless of their nation, tribe, race, denomination, nation age and gender.

Bible Study Companions

By their very nature, Bible Study Companions are books that aid Bible study by presenting students with the opportunity to do deep, effective and focused studies on several biblical themes and topics which hitherto may be difficult either through lack of study resources and materials or immaturity in spiritual things.

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According to Isaiah 58:12 and Isaiah 61:1-6, Christians will be charged up to awake to their responsibilities as we flood residential areas, schools, campuses, streets etc with the very life of God. Our vision as co-labourers with God is to genuinely turn complacent Christians into true disciples of Jesus and lead them to live a life that fully pleases God as they embraces their purpose for living.

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The highest office in Reformation Platform is the office of the Principal Coordinator, followed by the deputy Principal Coordinator who is the overseer of all the departments and Arms of the entire organisation and he is answerable to the Principal Coordinator on all issues of the ministry. They are followed by five departmental Heads namely, The Admin, Operations, Research, Finance and Public Relations.

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Become like Jesus, by walking with Him daily

Our 365-day devotionals on the life and doctrine of Jesus reveals depths of truths hungry, thirsty, battle-ready believers can use to establish their faith, get deepened in truth, and draw closer to the Master.