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Write, Publish, Sell 1k Books Online

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We write books. We design layouts & covers. We sell 1k books.

We make starving authors rich by helping them to sell 1k+ books. We challenge scared writers to create books by helping them convert their ideas into books.
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What We’ll Do For You


Whether you're halfway through or you're stuck on how to convert your idea into a book, our team of professional writers collect, collate, & convert your ideas into a finished book.


Have a finished manuscript you'd like the world to read? Our graphic designing department will help you lay your book professionally, create a sensational book cover, and put final touches to your book.

Sell 1k+ Books Online

Tired of watching your published books gather dust on the shelf? We'll help you sell the eBook version to at least 1k audience. We handle your entire eBook marketing online, create a simple, safe way to recover your money, and turn your stunning book into a goldmine.

About Contentbott

Contentbott helps busy, flunky individuals write their books. We design stunning layouts and covers for the books. We sell ebooks online so busy authors too scared to market can rest easy.


Write. Publish. Sell 1k+ books online

Got the idea? We'll write the book. Got the book? We'll design the layout & cover. Got the covers? We'll help you sell 1k+ books online.

Our “Why”

We want to see more writers/individuals become authors and more authors become richer.

Plenty Layouts & Cover Designs to Choose From


Here’s why you can trust us


We've written and published over 100 articles online, ghostwritten a book, completed several book projects, and have a knack for the written texts.

100% Success Rate

Hey, we're not 100% awesome. But we go out on a limb to give our customers the best result.


Get constant quality feedback on your project.

Ready to Write, Publish, or Sell 1k+ Books online?

Here’s What Customers are Saying

Skeptical about the idea of sending daily, unconventional e-mails to my list, I gave it a try, and it was worth it. The sales may not be massive *yet*, but response rate since sending daily emails --- using Busayo's service --- has increased by 30%."
'Femi Apata (Speaker,author, Life coach)